Web Hosting Hosting

In Trade Webpages we counted on a guaranteed service that Integra servers and equipment necessary to assign the suitable space to his information, and that this is always available from any place of the world.

The trustworthiness and security of the service of Hosting or Hosting in Servant are most important for all project of website, since by many factors it is reflected in the traffic I continue of visitors to the same. In addition the factors before named, those of trustworthiness and security, offer the sufficient guarantee so that the people have it as referring permanent of information and services online.

We always try to advise to our clients the use of servers located in the United States or Canada, due to the continuous problems of connectivity that undergo the lending companies of the service of Internet and inter-oceanic or satelite connection in Latin America.

Also you will count on an immediate and customized technical support before any restlessness and/or misfortune that could be presented.

Our service is based on powerful servers with Linux platform and the client has autonomy in the administration through Cpanel/WHM.