Streaming de Audio Shoutcast

We provide solutions and services of streaming of means, including streaming of audio and services of lodging of streaming of means.

It does not matter if you frequently have a traditional transmitter in the radio A.M., FM or both, or if he is somebody with motivation to exclusively have a space of communication in the Web. Trade Webpages (BasaerNews) counts on the suitable technical support and in addition and not less important, with the successful and provable experience of installation and development of this technique.

No longer a conventional transistor is necessary only, or to have an equipment of sound or a walkman to be able to listen to radial programs. It imagines the ample possibilities that can have you with a radial transmission by Internet developed by BasaerNews. Because not only it could be listened in an ample variety of equipment (portable cell phones, computers or desktop, Tablets, etc.), but it will have the security to own a fixed hearing.

We were in charge of which their radial space Web is presented by means of our techniques of positioning. You only dedicate yourself to generate the radial content that desires to him more or that is customary to develop, and we are in having to enlarge their public in the cyberspace.

Particularitities of the Service of Streaming de Audio Shoutcast.

>> Use of format MP3 for the audio transmission of streaming, and format NSV for the audio-video transmission of streaming.

>> Generation of shipment of data from its portable computer, desktop computer, Tablet, Smartphone to a central servant of Shoutcast for the spreading of archives of audio in Internet

>> System of AutoDJ, with that you will be able to transmit seven days to the week, 24 hours to the day (24/7) its lists of reproduction without needing being always connected to Internet.

Trade Webpages: a professional and economic option for its needs and intentions of Radio in Internet for everybody!