Email Marketing

Through advertising campaigns and promotions through e-mail, and in addition with bulletins HTML to your lists to subscribers and surveys in line, you can count on the benefits of the service of Email Marketing of Mercadeo Webpages (BasaerNews).

In BasaerNews we have established a decalogue that summarizes the development of the propose campaigns of E-mail Marketing of part our.

  • To understand to the client and his needs or I interest
  • To establish parameters of control for the development and shipment of e-mails
  • To identify the points in Internet adapted for the shipment of these post office
  • To motivate the client to generate ideas that make of their more attractive campaign of E-mail marketing
  • To jeopardize us in the search of new markets that can be interesting
  • To reason the contents of e-mails by means of the use of a suitable and concrete language
  • To include within some e-mails specific tools as I connect
  • To measure the campaign of impact of the E-mail Marketing in a time decided with the client
  • To adapt the budgets of the campaign of E-mail Marketing with base to the possibilities of our clients
  • To fight the Spam of diligent way


The e-mail is very far from stopping influencing in the communication Web. Allow to advise us and to help to him him with pleasure.