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marketing in finders sem

Trade conscious Webpages of the development online that it can be reached about diverse means, shares with you the strategies of Marketing in Finders more appropriate SEM PPC for the consolidation of the presence of its webpage. In case it authorizes to contract some of our services, we are in capacity to advise to him on the following tools the professionalism that characterizes to us. We invited to him to that it takes note from this information and it decides its next step to follow.


Advertising campaigns PPC

Google Adwords

Google AdwordsThe campaigns of payment PPC (Pay Rep Click by its abbreviations in English, and Spanish Payment By Click), represent an important percentage of the cost or advertising investment in Internetel what borders 40%.

The Google finder that is most popular of Internet, for some years provides a powerful tool of publicity and marketing segmented with well-known control of expenses as Google Adwords.

This tool of publicity is handled with base to a budget in a specific campaign, through the election of keywords by which it is wanted to be found and cliqueado. By each event (click) a payment to Google is realised.


Bing Ads



    This it is another service of publicity of Payment By Click that operates so much in the finder of Microsoft           Bing as in Yahoo! Search. The advertisers by this system can count on a tariff      maximum of payment that is arranged to pay with respect to their commercial warnings.

Also Click uses as operation reference, a system which determines with what frequency is an announcement in Internet thus to establish the corresponding amount to pay that they establish Bing Ads.

An interesting characteristic of this option is that it allows the possibility to the client selectively of establishing the spreading of his announcements in geographic locations. That is to say, that who pays can be sure that it will be seen in a place where its proposal (commercial, personal, etc.) creates demand.



Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the more influential social networks in the world online. For that reason, many companies or individuals use this advertising tool to count on a disposition of more effective visualization and interaction.

If you are a more or less permanent user of the Phase, she will notice that in the right part superior there are some constant warnings that offer all type of services and/or products. These warnings previously phelp are one of the most excellent characteristics of ours mentioned social network.

As much people are hours using the Phase, sometimes these Facebook Ads is more effective than the publicity that can be published in a certain finder.


Advantages of Marketing in Finders SEM PPC

  • The sponsored connections of Google, for example, have the advantage of being intelligent. These unfold whenever a word looks for in particular by which an advertising campaign is realised. They count in addition on segmentation to the public for the website.
  • It offers the possibility of counting on outstanding avisaje without fulfilling great requirements.
  • It has capacity of handling of agreed campaign to drawn up maximum budget.
  • Account with the capacity to handle different announcements for different keywords.
  • Display works with websites of content including in campaigns network: Adsense or publishers (publishers).
  • Changes, modifications, up can be realised you date in real time.
  • One is pleased, that is to say, by click by results.



  • It does not work with the own content of the website, but only with the budget and chosen keywords.
  • He is onerous, being able to be spent extreme high in short campaigns.



  • Diagnosis and analysis of keywords related to the needed type search.
  • Generation of announcements according to keywords chosen for campaign.
  • Determination of extension of campaign and budget.
  • Delivery of information and statistics.
  • Cost handling of the campaign of Google Adwords


Costs of the Service

OPTION 1 “ Campaigns of short duration and under budget.

110 Clicks                        US$ 100.00
180 Clicks                       US$ 150.00
460 Clicks                       US$ 350.00
1000 Clicks                     US$ 750.00

OPTION 2 “ Campaigns long play and estimated stop.

“       Value of the maximum budget to spend for the campaign

  • + Quota by keyword of phelp US$15 e.m.n. (in national currency)
  • + 15% of commission on the value of the monthly campaign (excluding the IVA)



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