Design of Webpages

Trade Webpages (BasaerNews) is a company of professional design of webpages. Account with a positive reference in the market online thanks to the consolidation that has granted him years of research and aplicativo development within the ample business of tools dedicated to the implantation of successful plans in Internet.

The work of BasaerNews has counted with the base of accomplishment of numerous people dedicated in several fields (graphical design, positioning SEO and SEM, investigation and writing of contents, application of Software, advising in networks, etc.). This group of collaborator renews his task constantly and is present at within the market online, standing out by his clear and customized guide, permanent control of products and/or services of the company, and a permanent commitment to improve and to innovate within this amplest one and competed industry.

Trade Webpages, in summary, is dedicated to provide an excellent service in the field of the design online, solutions of electronic commerce, design Flash Web, logo design, design of groups for blogs and configuration, programming, development PHP, MySQL, design of creative marketing, among others types of development areas Web.


Prices of Design of Webpages

Corporative Est¡ticas webpages or

paginate-Web-statics  For content of static webpages.

 It includes graphical design, model-making language xHTML and style sheet CSS, with animations and banners in Flash.

 The cost of the investment sera funded to quotas.




Dynamic websites with CMS

paginate-Web-dynamics  If he needs a website with dynamic content by means of data base, we offer a manager to him of content CMS.

 The cost of the investment sera funded to quotas.

 This price includes all the mentioned one previously and the manager of content CMS will adjust to which you need.

 The future changes in the content you can do them same, or we will do them by you.


If contract the maintenance service of the website or positioning Web SEO, will obtain a discount in the final cost.


It knows our supplies Design Web

Being Trade Webpages a company that offers complete solutions Web, we provided the service of design Web oriented according to the client and, more important perhaps, we gave it efficiently. The satisfaction of the client is the main priority for us mainly the others.

In the market economy and the globalized world, the webpages are one of the most important factors through which you can let grow his business, to shape a personal or corporative idea, to create pursuit groups, to make contact fundamental, to promote the use of social networks The previous ones are only some of the rich possibilities.

We, in Trade Webpages, offer an ample rank of solutions in design of webpages for businesses and companies, as also for individuals with personal projects. We always try to be to the vanguard of technologies in Internet, and also to accommodate us to the exigencies and needs of the clients around the world.

Each company is unique, each client is unique, and also each design of a website reflects the ideas and needs of that client or that company in particular.

We were different ourselves from other companies of design of webpages because we provided our services to very right prices. We consider that a client or a company does not have because to pay tariffs of more or less only receiving œa product more. The quality of the webpages of Trade Webpages is a reflection of the taste or exigencies of the client or company, guaranteed by competitively economic tariffs.

We take care of whenever all the projects anyone is the size, small and great, they are developed without no type of discrimination. Anyone is the budget of the clients we make a special package to develop it. We have constructed a positive reputation to allow the return of the investment of our clients.

Trade Webpages is a company been in Colombia, Latin America, with clients in Spain, Mexico and the United States. It offers design and development Web, development of applications Web or scripts, systems of electronic commerce as virtual stores to in line realise sale and purchase of products (online) by means of catalogues of products, multimedia Flash, lodging of webpages or hosting, promotion, optimization and positioning Web SEO and SEM, graphical design for publicity and marketing with emphasis in Internet.

Our group of collaborator is conformed by consulting specialists and Web, creative designers, writers, programmers and professionals of the publicity and the marketing, that know how to obtain results online.


We fulfill the standards of design of webpages

Navigators Web:

  •  Internet Explorer
  •  It operates
  •  Firefox
  •  Google Chrome
  •  Safari


Optimization SEO and positioning Web in finders

High in finders Web

Optimization for consumption of bandwidth

System with Groups Web


Solutions Web HTML5 CSS 3 PHP MySQL

Layer 4 Layer 5PHP MySQL

 Design Web of manager of content CMS

Our solution of manager of content or CMS offers a complete control on its website. You will be able to create new types of products, new sections, articles, images and other contents. All the webpages in the site can easily be published through surroundings or panel of administration by means of the navigator of Internet.

We use the knowledge of our designers, experience specialized programmers, specialistic in positioning Web in finders SEO and SEM and experts in administration of businesses online.

Webpages integrated with data and solutions in electronic commerce “ e-commerce.

Applications for services and interactive communication with the clients.

Spawned webpages (data base + programming Web).

Integration of methods of payments as Paypal, Moneybookers, MercadoPago, Alertpay, iPago.

Solutions developed in platform LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, AJAX, ASP or Windows.


Design Web in Flash

In order to conform an original design, beautiful and interactive nothing better than to use Design Web Flash.

Our specialistic designers with a deep knowledge of this revolutionary tool of technology Web can develop fantastic products of high quality, which vary of simple presentations in Flash, banners, logo and Intros webpages, until sophisticated designs Web Flash.

We form dozens of these projects and we never considered them complete until the client completely is satisfied with the result.