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Our product portfolio in Marketing and Commercialization Online includes reasonable packages in its cost and of great integral characteristics for being in offering an effective solution in the needs of our client in promoting its products and services, as well as to contribute to the positioning of its products and services Web in Internet.

Our Product Portfolio includes:

Development and Design of Webpages

 Sites and Corporative Personales Webpages and: Thanks to these your business it will be possible to be shown before thousands of people with high interest of purchase. For the personal sites and webpages, calls also blogs where express you its opinions with respect to a subject or several. In these it can count on a species of curriculum vitae in the Web, or have a space online in which it is possible to be included œaccessories as videos, banners interactive, music, etc.

The corporative webpages are dedicated exclusively to the promotion of companies, trade names or companies in Internet, reason why they need a different treatment that contributes to increase the credibility of the internaut who looks for a certain product or service.

 Development and/or personalisation of Managers of content or CMS (Content Management System) and of Administration of Blogs: Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, Blogger Anyone of these options is adapted for the creation of a blog, and people perhaps as you are interested in learning the structure and the handling of one of these websites that have reached great popularity in the last seasons. This is due to its facility of creation as of interpretation on the part of the internauts.

 Catalogues of Products and Services: We completely create administrable systems as much by you as by the users who have themselves authorized. They count on management of contents as galleries of product photos, descriptions, tags, values and footbridges of payment. Also they have integration with payment systems Paypal type.

 Navigability: It makes of his website a space easy and nice to use, providing all the resources and strategies for an optimal turn out of the experience of the visitors to his webpages to find the information that they look for.

 Usability: It is important that its website counts on all the technical options standard of design of webpages that allow a correct use, facilitating the task of visiting its valuable information. Really, that has simplicity, rapidity and effective conversion.

 Visibility: By means of the correct technical optimization of his website, it allows that it can easily be found by web search engines and navigators multi architecture (that operate with different types from hardware) and cross-platform (that operate with different types from software - operating systems).

 Languages: We develop to contents in languages HTML/XHTML/CSS/AJAX/Technology and platform LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP). Also in IIS, MSSQL and ASP. Net.


Positioning Web SEO and SEM

 Search engine optimization is one of the services of marketing that offers our MercadeoP¡ginas company Web, and for you you are the best option to become our ally that will guarantee robust, a detailed one and planned visibility optimization well Web, marketing and strategies of promotion for its website.

All our development, design Web and marketing are optimized to obtain the indexing and the search engine optimization of the market, we worked as well arduously on the main ones and more used by the internauts at world-wide level. With them we obtained the best search engine optimization of natural form for your website. We offered him:

Optimization of contents Web

Consultant's offices in marketing online

Evaluation and SEO On-Page optimization

Construction of connections Building Link

Promotion Web

Writing of content Web with optimized articles SEO


Hosting or Web Hosting

 We offer Hosting or Planes of Hosting of websites: from 1 GB to 100 GB with data transfer from 30 GB, totally they are administered and a permanent technical support on the part of our company is offered. Guaranteed service. Attention by telephone route, mail, e-mail or ticket. We count on:

Hosting of Servers Streaming de Audio and Video.

Hosting of Services Flash Communication Server.

Hosting and technical support: applications Web such as CMS. Managers of Banners: OpenX (OpenAds).

Registry of names of domains: .COM .NET .ORG .TV .INFO .MOBI

Advising registries national domains: “ NIC.


Registry of Names of Domains

The domain names are the perfect platform to develop their pages weben Internet. This they constitute the digital resource that better reflects its presence in line “ and nowadays it can less than obtain his domain in 5 minutes! It is for entrepreneurs, students, businessmen and all the people who want to have a presence in Internet. For the website of its company, its business, its blog, to in line have its leaf of life or for a gallery of images. We handle the following domains:








Streaming de Audio Shoutcast

We offer the service of Transmission of Audio in real time or by demand without effort using Shoutcast. You can fast and easily to transmit its station through everybody, while she follows the trajectory of whom she is listening and where are.


Advertising Graphical design

We offer solutions to the different activities that the visual contact in the identidadcorporativa areas offers, packings, publishing design and design of webpages. In addition we offer advertising graphical strategies for the product companies and services, considering the framed needs of means in the sustainable, aesthetic development and the functionality.

Emphasis in electronic mediums as Internet: It executes a plan that allows him to have a easily recognizable logo in Internet in such a way that it approaches greater number of visits effectively, or improves the presentation of its website without it affects his capacity to receive visits or to be profitable.

Catalogue design in pdf: Sometimes it is necessary to count on very a well structured virtual presentation which allows that their potential visitors know the possibilities their content, and also to have a greater credibility towards its product in Internet so that it becomes reference.

Graphical digital product design: Banners, I connect specialized, warnings to e-mails (nonSpam) with a descriptive structure as far as its structural elements of greater resolution in images, to create a positive impact according to the product or content that you need to promote.

Solutions multimedia with catalogues in CD and DVD: It increases the influence of his webpage or products online offering an interesting exhibition of them using one or both of these means, where you can brief a way to occur to know that she totally identifies it of the rest in Internet.

Other Services:

Corporative identity

Design Logo


Volantes or Flyers


Catalogue design Multimedia

We create innovating concepts for products, services and contents, by means of original solutions of communication using creatively the technology. It undertakes successful businesses identifying opportunities that nobody sees through:

Animation Flash 2D/3D

Design and production of films and videos Flash

Design Web Flash

Design animation to banner

Animation for virtual product

Design of characters

Logo animation

Presentation online of Products and Services

Audio-visual help Multimedia for qualification and formation

DVD, CD, Video, Flash and pdf


Solutions of Marketing Online

Thanks to this it will be able to extend the supply and the market of his business to a reasonable cost. Our services Web are generating of business, the websites we do them focused in favoring the comfort and the interest of the visitors, with a Easy access to obtain the direct bonding with their company, using for it all the artillery of Marketing online, as it is it:

Creation and management of e-mail lists.

Positioning organic Web in finders: Google, Yahoo! and Bing “ SEO (Optimization Search Engine).

Positioning Web Payment by Click in finders: Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter “ SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Registry and discharge in finders, thematic directories, posts in discussion forums and social networks: Linkbaiting “ SMO.

Analysis of statistics in registries (Web Logs), Maps of Heat (Heat Maps) and Eye Tracking.

Handling and management for the measurement of results Web.


Publicity in Internet

Not only the great companies invest in the publicity in Internet. The SMEs over the years are also doing it and bet by the publicity to captivate to their objective market of an effective and much more economic form that any other means. We offer for that reason:

Management and administration of advertising campaigns.

Yield of its websites by means of the optimization of Google Adsense “ Systems Payment by Click PPC and Payment by Action PPA or PPL (Pay Rep Lead).

Webpage or Bill of sale creation “ Landing Pages of Landing.

Implementation of referred programs of.


Electronic commerce e-Commerce

The solutions of electronic commerce that we offer are developed in platforms of high quality and for that reason they are success stores that generate a high number of orders.

Solutions and commercialization B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) “ Tradeplaces.

Email Marketing: Management and commercialization of e-mail lists “ mailing lists.