Supplies Design Web “ Basic Package


Basic package

mpw design Web basic package

Design Web to its measurement!

  • Exclusive and Customized Graphical design
  • Development Web HTML5 + CSS 3 + AJAX + PHP + JS + FLASH
  • Name of domain by 1 year (.com/.net/.org)
  • Web Hosting Hosting 1024 Megabytes or 1 GB by 1 year
  • Sections maximum 10 webpages or I connect
  • Headed/Banner Menu Animated in Flash
  • 2 Forms of Contacts/Quotes


It asks for a quote or gratuitous evaluation without commitment

design Web

The Internet is at the present time the tool of businesses and more important and used commerce in the world. Their connectivity, availability, comfort, costs, functionality, volume of information, dynamism, among others advantages in front of conventional massive means (periodic, magazines, radio and television) make of her an indispensable element in the life of the people.

We altogether use the last techniques and languages of Development Web 2,0 (HTML5, CSS 3, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, XML) with the last versions of software of Design and used Development Web more.

œIn Trade Webpages we have found our better ally for the creation and growth of the virtual headquarters of our company in the network of networks. Thanks to BasaerNews, we have managed to take to our products and services to places that never we thought that outside possible.



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