Supplies Design Web

Packages of Design of Webpages


Trade Webpages has packages and supplies design Web according to the needs and budget of our clients.

Promotion of the month

The promotion of the month is a promotional package with agreed graphical design to image of its company.

Optional we offer the standard CMS WordPress or development in language HTML5 and CSS 3.

It includes up to 5 Sections and Form of Contacts. Hosting 1 Gigabyte and registry of Domain: .COM, .NET .ORG


Economic package

The economic package is ideal for small projects of low budget, micro-enterprises, pages of landings or landing pages of products, services or advertising campaigns and of marketing in Internet.

We offer a customized graphical design in language HTML5 and CSS 3. It includes a form of contacts and up to 5 Sections of Content.


Basic package

The basic package specifically is offered for SMEs companies and projects with low budget.

This service includes agreed an exclusive and customized design graphical to the image of its company, with a design Web in language HTML5, 3 CSS and a form of contacts with programming language PHP. In addition it will have service of Hosting and registry of name of Domain: .COM, .NET .ORG


Professional package

The professional package especially is designed for medians and great companies or projects with outstanding management of information on the internet.

It offers a customized graphical design with development Web in languages HTML5, CSS 3 and PHP. It incorporates managers of contents WordPress and Joomla, in addition to Hosting of 1 Gigabyte and registry of Domain.


Corporative package

The corporative package is the ideal solution for companies that they look for to have presence and positive impact in Internet.

We offer a design and development Web in languages HTML5, CSS 3 and PHP.

We also offer the integration of CMS or manager of content specifically as WordPress or Jommla with base MySQL data, the option of registry of users, and forms of contacts and quotes.

It includes in addition the services of lodging Web Hosting with capacity of up to 2 Gigabytes and registry of Domain: .COM, .COM.CO or .CO


Premium package Flash

The premium package Flash offers the possibility of creating a true work of art, visually impressive thanks to Adobe Flash.

The service offers an exclusive and customized fact 100% in Adobe Flash and optimized graphical design in language ActionScript 3 with up to 8 sections of content. Also it includes the service of registry of Domain and lodging Web Hosting.


E-Commerce package

The E-Commerce package is the perfect solution to even handle to catalogues of products and services in Internet or the possibility of creating and of maintaining its own virtual store online.

This service includes an exclusive and customized graphical design through groups in different software from e-commerce or lies down virtual ideals for an efficient administration, operation and technical support.

Between the options of software for e-commerce or it lies down virtual we can include some of these options:

  • Joomla + VirtueMart
  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Drupal + Ubercart
  • ZenCart
  • Prestashop
  • Magento

Also we offer the option outpost to include the cart of purchases and integration with footbridges of payments such as:

  • Payments Online
  • PayU Latam
  • Paypal


E-Learning package

The E-Learning package is ideal for academic projects or educative institutions such as schools, institutes or universities.

We offer a development customized Web in HTML5, 3 CSS and programming language PHP with data base MySQL.

Also optional we offer to him to use standard solutions of the market such as Moodle or Blackboard that is platforms for the management of the contents, concretely of the educative material with the potential of the virtual interaction of professors, students in the respective virtual courses.


Package Portal Web

The package Portal Web is offered for digital mass media, publications or projects that involve the handling, management and publication of a considerable amount of information: Governmental, portals of information public or deprived magazines and magazines, projects, etc.

This solution gives the potential to publish and to administer different types from contents: The news, Events, Forums, Blogs, Surveys and with the possibility of allowing the registry of Users to interact virtually.

We offer a development customized Web in programming languages HTML5, CSS and PHP.

Also we give the possibility of implementing a CMS or standard manager of contents such as:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WordPress