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The service of Streaming de Audio Shoutcast or Real Audio is one of the most effective at the moment in the Internet, because before the obstacles of a traditional transmitter that only can arrive at certain points of a geographic area, in the cyberspace its audible space with the sonorous content that you wish to present has a limitless reach.

Our Mercadeo company Webpages counts on technological experience, equipment hardware and software support of first hand, so that you can enjoy the advantages in recognition as much as financiers of Real Audio a virtual transmitter.

This most useful tool in the cyberspace works through a website or webpage in which all the necessary infrastructure for the transmission of the verbal contents is supported as as much musical that they conform the radial spaces. There am another advantage of the positioning of its electronic direction here (www) through Real Audio: it can generate hundreds of monthly visits only with the promotion of his transmitter Online, obtaining this way a positioning that hardly is obtained just by the publication of the page as so, to a too reasonable cost. Logically you can choose, if she wishes it, that we design that website to him with all the distributed information that she requires and of the standard way: home, links, gallery of images, contact to us, etc.


How work does Real Audio?

To traverse, first, of the Live Streaming or transmission of audio live. Without concerning the place of the world where are different public, these will be able to listen to their transmitter Online in real time, and to have the possibility even of interacting with them by means of a chat. In second case, thanks to the system cross-platform and of general system, the listeners only with the reproducer whom they have in his equipment (Windows Media, VLC Media Player, Winamp, etc.), will have access to their transmitter Online. For the possibility of a greater transmission and more pick up of listeners, the work party of Trade Webpages counts on the option to include plug-ins and players in the website of its transmitter Online, so that in case the receivers do not count on a reproducer in the equipment they can also hear the transmissions generated by you.

Sometimes it has wanted to have a compilation of his archives in mp3 to be able to be connected to his website, and that their visitors can unload them and/or reproduce thus generating them majors entered their page in the cyberspace? This service is known as Streaming On-Demand or Transmisi³n by Demand. The benefits of this support that Trade Webpages also is in capacity to realise are as high as those of Real Audio: limitless capacity of listeners and, something very important, the entailment to specialized ready thematic directories or related in the Internet to music, so that their positioning is much more effective and commercially beneficial speaking.

The considered time to develop to the project of Streaming of audio Shoutcast or Real Audio will be approximately 1 working day, in the related thing to the technical implementation of the transmitter once all the requirements of necessary hardware and software are had. Additionally, 1 working day additional to implement it in the respective website.


Service Streaming de Audio



  • Installation and Configuration in servant
  • The phases of development of the implementation of the transmitter consist of:
  • Consultancy and consultant's office in the related thing to acquisition of equipment, hardware, software and services in Internet.
  • Consultancy and consultant's office in the related thing to acquisition of equipment, hardware, software and services in Internet.
  • Configuration of the radio station in Shoutcast for its transmission Online.
  • Connection of the radio station in its respective website.
  • Syndication and registry of the radio station in different related directories.
  • It includes Statistics Web of Hearing.
  • It includes Car which allows him to transmit directly from the servant, in the case that the audio source of not this qualified then.
  • Baudrate of 64 kbps and capacity of 1000 simultaneous listeners.
  • 1 Gb includes Web Hosting or Hosting with capacity. Here you will be able to arrange his own direction Web: and also tie emails to the same P. ex.
  • We flatter blog (webpage) to spread the information of its project. (*)
  • Permanent, telephone support technical and Online.


It verifies the quality of our service

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Value of the Monthly Investment

$50.000 pesos Colombian/USD $25 dollars



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