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He is indispensable to lodge the information of the website in a servant, so that this can be seen whenever somebody digite its respective direction, being understood this somebody by any internaut or navigator in the active in world online, that is to say connected Web to Internet.

In Trade Webpages (BasaerNews) we counted on a guaranteed service, which Integra servers and equipment necessary to assign to him to the space adapted to its information and that this is always available from any place of the world.

The trustworthiness and security of the service of hosting or lodging in servant are most important for all project of website, since by many factors it is reflected in the continuous traffic of visitors to the same. When a service of hosting counts on a good quality, or the quality required according to its needs, it offers the sufficient guarantee so that the people have to their permanent referring website as of information and services online one.

We always try to advise to our clients who prefer the use of servers located in the United States, due to the continuous problems of connectivity which they undergo the lending companies of the service of Internet and inter-oceanic and/or satelite connection of the country. In addition, you will count on an immediate and customized technical support before any restlessness and/or misfortune that could be presented.

Our service is based on powerful servers with Linux platform and includes the following characteristics:

  •  Cpanel administration online: Yes
  •  Disc space: 1024 Megabyte
  •  Monthly transference: 250 GB
  •  Data bases MySQL: Yes
  •  Subdomains: Yes
  •  Possibility of adding additional domains: Yes
  •  Emails: 25
  •  Forwarders email: Yes
  •  Autoresponders email: Yes
  •  Email Lists Mailing: Yes
  •  Webmail mail: Yes
  •  Filter of Spam: Yes
  •  Accounts FTP: Yes
  •  Cgi: Yes
  •  PHP: Yes
  •  Statistical and accountant of visits: Yes
  •  Incorporated additional Software: Yes
  •  It includes 1 Domain .COM or .NET or .ORG *
  •  Telephone technical support and by permanent chat.


Cost of the Annual Investment

$100.000 Pesos Colombian/USD $50 Dollars American/‚¬35 Euros


Names of Domains



Cost of the Monthly Investment

$15.000 pesos Colombian/USD$8 American dollars/‚¬6 Euros

  • To only use them in the same account
  • Net value
  • Additional “ one consults for the registry



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