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Advertising Graphical design

Our Integra service the principles of the design with the advertising strategy and the digital technology to find new forms of transmission of its message.

Development of Scripts and Aplicaciones Online

We offer a variety of Web Hosting services to increase, to develop, to administer and to maintain better its information on the internet. We have personnel enabled and suitable in programming languages: PHP, Java, ASP. Net, SQL.

Social Average Marketing SMM

It arrives at his present clients through the social networks in Internet that comprise of their daily life. Connect to you with new clients. It creates recognition name brand. It creates a tie community and it activates surroundings to his business.

Marketing in SEM Finders

We create and we managed graphical advertising campaigns of banners, videos and announcements of text in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter

Search engine optimization SEO

It increases the traffic, potential clients and the sales with base to the results search in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Anyone will be able to offer to him

Construction of Connections

He orders one of our packages of excellent connections of high quality, facts of artificial form, and increases the ranking in the web search engines

Email Marketing

Through advertising campaigns and promotions through e-mail, and in addition with bulletins HTML to its lists to subscribers

Streaming de Audio Shoutcast

We provide solutions and services of streaming of means, including streaming of audio and services of lodging of streaming of means. Not

Web Hosting Hosting

Our service this based on powerful Dedicated servers with Linux platform and the client has autonomy in the administration through Cpanel/WHM. It includes endorsement of information with immediate and customized technical support.

Work party

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Andr©s Fernando Gomez

Founder and Manager

Gerente General and Coordinador de Proyectos BasaerNews. He is the founder and administrative director of Trade Webpages with long trajectory of businesses and undertakings in Internet with an ample experience and knowledge related to planning, creation, administration and promotion of webpages. In addition he is an expert in Marketing in finders: SEO, SEM/PPC and SMM.  

Elizabeth Hincapie Ospina

Coordinating Positioning Web

Area of Positioning Web

Juan Pablo Narvaez

Graphical designer

Area of Design

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